One Guitar, Free by Kazuki Tutida


This app is an app where you can enjoy jam session alone. You can play the solo guitar to suit it because you press the buttons such as Ecord flows guitar backing, please try to fit in other instruments. When you press the Pause Pause the music, Stop you can stop.

You go to the screen of the Original and you can record. You can play the solo to suit it to playing the backing yourself. Recording started in Rec, stop at RecStop, plays the recorded music in Play, you can stop the playback in PlayStop.
Please use a little up in the easy jam session.

Travelling for work this week and discovering that posting with hotel wifi and an iPad is quite arduous! Not to worry... here is One Guitar to keep you amused. 

It's no good ... I'm lying... unless you want an app that plays a 12 Bar on a plonky acoustic guitar in A or E. So you can play along ( that's what the description is saying kind of) while the developer earns some cash from ads at the bottom of the screen.

Oh, all right there's an 'Original' mode that will let you record your own playing from the iPad mic.  


Get it here if you must