Developer Update!

No instrument news today so I thought I'd let you know how my outreach to developers has been going. Yes, I've been pestering them with requests for news, additions and letting them know when their Apps get a mention here. So far everyone has been super nice and really keen to hear what users have to say, which supports my sense that we're only going to get the apps as good as we ask for them to be! 

In any case some of my favorite developers always get back very promptly and although theres no big news to break there are a couple of tidbits to look out for!

OMGuitar ( ) : hinted that an update should be along soonish! I'm looking forward to this since it's one of my faves.

Guitarism ( ) : still working away on a Lead Guitar version of Guitarism. Not news if you trawl the Forums over at AudioBus ... but good to know the project is still on the front burner.

Elite Guitar ( ) : was very open to suggestions to streamline and improve their Elite Guitar. As I said in my post,   I think this could be one to watch if we can get the developers excited and developing too!

UkeHero ( ) : these folks want suggestions as well! So download the app and drop them a line. It's really nice work.

Remember some of these developers have other apps of interest too! Of note is OMGuitar Developer ZCage who also helms Futulele, Mint io ( Music In No Time ), Tough DJ and MySongbook. Elite Guitar coders Keynote Star make SimpleMusic and the authors of UkeHero, EUMlab, have quite a stable of tuners, loops players and more. Check them out!